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Jodi Jacobson

Boynton Beach, FL


Ok. About myself, Oh my, this is hard!!
I Started Wildlife photography about 27 years ago when my husband, who is a Pediatric Dentist and I got married. I worked in his office as a marketing manager and our practice grew to over 25,000 patients. We started taking time off every February to go to a remote location.
We always hire private guides and never go with a group so I can get where I want , when I want and for how long I want to stay.
I am an adventurer, if there is running water, I usually don't want to be there! We usually stay in some sort of lodge or hut near a river.
I travel with a small clothes suit case and many pounds of camera equipment! I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark 111 and all different 2.8 lenses. I also have a Subal under water housing for My Canon . I Bring no less then 4 cameras on a trip because there is no where to get them fixed. When I do my underwater work, we usually spend between a week or two on a Dive boat. This way I can get 5 dives a day in.
Many of my earlier trips were shot on print film because I didn't know I would be getting into stock. So I have an entire Antarctica trip with fantastic penguin shots on film. I never had any formal training or courses in photography. Everything was self taught, People say I have a natural eye for color and composition. I have been represented by a NY Stock Agency for the last 12 years.
I am 54 years young, and have a license to deal all Casino Games, I ride a Harley Davidson Trike, do television commercials, am a Scuba Dive Master. My life centers around animals. I believe animals are honest and candid and shooting their eyes is like reading into their soul.
I can an almost feel what they are thinking. That is why I like to photograph them. I almost feel like my camera will protect me, because I have gotten within arms reach of some very dangerous animals, but the shot was worth it. I very rarely use a tripod because I can't move fast enough to keep up with the animal I am shooting.
I never ever shoot in a zoo. All my photos are from national parks of the countries in which they are native.
Shooting children is also a passion. They are open, honest and uninhibited.
My favorite way to end a day is a magnificent sunset, and I always try to be at the best location in the area when the sun is setting.

Presently I am working as a Stock Photographer with Getty Images. With over 27,000 sold you can find my photography worldwide. You can see 7000 of my images and license my work at Any file there can be requested to print at Fine Art America!

All images are original to and sole ownership of Jodi Jacobson and may not be reproduced in any form for any reason without written permission from the artist, Jodi Jacobson.


Dancing Leaves by Jodi Jacobson


White Butterfly by Jodi Jacobson


Serenity Prayer Kenai River Alaska by Jodi Jacobson


Serenity Prayer for turbulent times by Jodi Jacobson


Toffe Cupcakes by Jodi Jacobson


Hot Pink Gerber Daisy by Jodi Jacobson


Full Spectrum Rainbow by Jodi Jacobson


Light Graffitti resembling sea horses by Jodi Jacobson


Antique Vintage Hardcover Books by Jodi Jacobson


senior vendor thai woman by Jodi Jacobson


Seasons Greetings by Jodi Jacobson


colorful butterfly Ornithoptera priamus by Jodi Jacobson


Capitol buildingwashington dc and flower garden by Jodi Jacobson


Capitol building Capitol Hill and flower garden by Jodi Jacobson


Capitol building Capitol Hill by Jodi Jacobson


Turkey and dog by Jodi Jacobson


Huston Texas and Park by Jodi Jacobson


Frangipani worm caterpiller by Jodi Jacobson


starfish and sail boat by Jodi Jacobson


San Antonio Texas City night Aerial by Jodi Jacobson


San Antonio Texas City Aerial by Jodi Jacobson


Striped burrfish Chilomycterus schoepfi by Jodi Jacobson


diamond ring remount by Jodi Jacobson


Biewer Yorkie and Gerber Daisy's by Jodi Jacobson


Crystal clear Mt. McKinley by Jodi Jacobson


San Antonio Texas City night Aerial by Jodi Jacobson


roller coaster in the sunset by Jodi Jacobson


Huston Texas and Park by Jodi Jacobson


Tower of America in San Antonio Texas City Aerial by Jodi Jacobson


San Antonio Texas City Night Aerial by Jodi Jacobson


Acapulco Skyline night by Jodi Jacobson


Acapulco Mexico Coletta bay by Jodi Jacobson


Houston Texas ambulance by Jodi Jacobson


Moth Orchid isolated on grey by Jodi Jacobson


Delicate Pink Calla Lily by Jodi Jacobson


Aging with Grace by Jodi Jacobson


Mexican spanish decorative window by Jodi Jacobson


Miami Downtown 3 by Jodi Jacobson


Jacksonville bridges and waterfront by Jodi Jacobson


Entire Jacksonville waterfront by Jodi Jacobson


Jacksonville bridge Main Street by Jodi Jacobson


Siberian tiger Panthera tigris altaica by Jodi Jacobson


financial distric skyscrapers by Jodi Jacobson


phila skyline breast cancer by Jodi Jacobson


Hoboken New Jersey by Jodi Jacobson


Lets play dressup Chihuahua by Jodi Jacobson


Aerial of Acapulco Bay Mexico from Both Sides by Jodi Jacobson


Niagara Falls Rainbow by Jodi Jacobson